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Oct 29, 2010


My grandma is writing Motocross Mania, and she asked me to post here today. I said I couldn't because I'm a fictional character, but she said I'm already writing Foolspeak and Motocross Mania blogs in the book.

I'm sorta like Grandma's real-life grandson Josh. He raced dirt bikes til he was 16, but he's lost interest. I'm 18, but real-life Josh is 22. We look alike, but our goals are different. I want--
Fame and fortune in Motocross
Fame and income as a blogger
Healing from childhood abuse by stepdad George
Marry Sandy when I'm 20 or 21, and we'd have the faith Pastor Tim talks about. I knew God when I was little, but right now I feel far away from Him.

What are your goals? I'll reply to all comments. Grandma will say, "I knew you'd rock!"