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Beautiful Life
Mary DeMuth
Successful Christian Living
February 2012
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Mary DeMuth's books are headed for "classichood." All of them. Her unique voice appeals to young and old. No chance for "dry" or "boring."

Hers is the first book I've read on the subject of Christian growth and maturity that cuts across denominations and answers all the questions.

DeMuth won her brand the hard way. Massive difficulties growing up could have destroyed her, but her college mates and friends prayed. And prayed. God healed the scars and gave her an assignment to write with wisdom and authority. Pick up any of her books and you will sense the Holy Spirit guidance.

Are you afraid of a book about spiritual warfare and all things related? Relax. Mary's special skill and anointing turn her upbeat tone and contagious joy into Bible-infused excitement. God provided awesome equipment for our Christian life. Mary shows us how to use it.

BB reads easy and answers our questions. Young adults, new Christians (and mature Christians) will devour this book.

Mary's website - http://www.marydemuth.com/books/

Buy Beautiful Life on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/175-2762454-2080556?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Beautiful+life%2C+DeMuth

Barney And The Runaway
Max Elliott Anderson
Kids 8-12; March 1, 2011; Comfort Publishing
$10.99, Tradepaper; ISBN-978-0-9845598-4-8
Another Children's Adventure
Anderson has penned an exciting tale featuring Michael Ellis and his dog Barney. Mike resents having his parents tell him what to do, and he stages a runaway. But surprise, surprise, his plans fail, and the boy and his  dog end up far from home, in a circus.

Big Bob the Clown makes sure the pair is safe and busy, with more adventure than they can handle. Mike decides he might like living and performing with the circus, especially since Barney is a big hit. It turns out, Bob is a grown-up runaway. He wishes his parents had been able to care about him as much as Mike's parents care about him.

Then someone tries to kidnap Barney, and Mike faces more danger than he ever dreamed possible. Mike realizes his parents  truly love him. He learns the importance of family, and he's eager to be safe at home.

As usual, Anderson injects strong principles to live by in a way children can understand.

Keep track of Anderson's already-published books and his upcoming titles on his blog - http://booksandboys.blogspot.com

Lost Island Smugglers
Max Elliot Anderson
For Tweeners 9-12; August 2010; Port Yonder Press; $12.95

Anderson is trying a traditional three-book series after several years as a successful single-book author for boys 9-12. Of course girls like the adventures too. As usual, the story reads like a scary movie.

Sam Cooper has to move again because his father's job demands it. He and his new friends Tony and Tyler take scuba lessons as Tony's father's sailboat rental service. The boys cannot resist going on a diving adventure, without permission. The biggest storm of the century blows in, wrecking their boat and stranding them on an island. They discover they are not the first to set up camp here. Danger, excitement and heart-pounding action continue as the three boys figure out how to stop the criminals who have dug in on the other side of the island. All without telling their parents, they hope.

As usual, Anderson injects strong principles to live by in a way resonates with children.

Keep track of Anderson's already-published books and his upcoming titles on his blog -- http://booksandboys.blogspot.com.

For Time And Eternity
Allison Pittman
Readers lose themselves in this powerful story they cannot put down. Allison Pittman dips into 1850 for a novel based on the life experiences of Camilla Deardon, whose parents are distant and cold, but they've faithfully taught her Biblical Truth. Now she has to decide whether  to join handsome, engaging Nathan Fox and move west to Utah, embracing his Mormon faith; or will she obey her parents and forget Nathan's promises? The verse from Proverbs echoed in my head--"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." I followed Camilla's life of sacrifice and hardship as I read late into the night. In the end, she had to decide: "Will I share my husband's faith and marriage completely, or will I return to the Biblical values my parents taught me?"

Thanks to Pittman for including the first chapter of book #2. It makes the wait for the next book much easier.

Tyndale House Publishers, 2010, $13.99, ISBN: 978-1-4143-3596-4

When a Man You Love Was Abused
Cecil Murphey

This book is a great resource for anyone who has been sexually abused or who has a friend/relative victim/survivor.

Cecil Murphey is an unusually kind and caring person. He was a pastor before he took up writing full time. If you meet him personally as I have, or read one of his books, you'll realize he will probably know how you feel, regardless.

Murphey has written more than 100 books. Some are as-told-to stories. But When A Man You Love Was Abused is a resource, based on his many questions and discussions with sexual abuse survivors, research, and his own horrific life experiences.

One in six males has experienced unwanted or abusive sexual encounters before the age of sixteen. Murphey writes to women who love these men, with sound advice, sympathy and encouragement on how to recognize and deal with the soul-ripping that occurs when little boys endure unspeakable atrocities. Usually there is no one to help. He holds the filthy secrets inside himself.

The author lends encouragement with a balanced mix of statistics, personal insight, and inspirational stories from other survivors. He also coaches the abused on how to survive, even thrive, after their past abuses. His gentle tone soothes the soul and offers hope.

Murphy encourages women with these words (Page 256): "Sexual abuse is one of the worst torments a boy can go through. It attacks his physical, spiritual, and psychological integrity. If you are committed to help the survivor in your life, you can be a true heroine in his life. He needs someone. He needs you."

Read more on Cec's blog: www.manshatteringthesilence.com

Kregal Publications, May 2010, ISBN: 978-0-8254-3353-5

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