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Dec 20, 2011


Thanx again  to all the faithful readers who check in every day, regardless. I feel almost guilty for not posting new information, but we will probably be changing gears in January. I think I'll have some GOOD news to announce then.

In the meantime, here's the most healthy recipe I know. And simple. Everyone will love it.

I've started throwing all my bananas into the freezer when I bring them home from the store. Trader Joe's has the best quality and largest size for the low, low price. (They didn't pay me to say that.) 

Wait until the bananas are "hard as a rock" before you let the kids know you have frozen bananas. Remove one of the black treasures from the freezer, and cut into 1/2 to 3/4-inch slices. Wait ten minutes,  long enough for the skin to start melting away from the fruit, but not long enough to create a mushy mess. The skin will pull off in one piece.

Pop the banana slices, one at a time, into your family's mouths. Yum! They'll think it's ice cream. No, soft candy, sorta like nougat. You can't get a stronger, brighter banana flavor.

Resist the urge to top off with dark chocolate chips. My doctor still says, "Chocolate is not that good for you."

Tell us in the comments what you are doing to make Jesus esp. welcome on HIS birthday.

Dec 8, 2011


I wish to thank all my wonderful readers for "checking it out" at least once a week. I pray for each of you, that you would read and follow Psalm 25:4 --"Teach me your ways, O Lord...."

I will not be posting until after New Years, when the subject will change. In the meantime, may you have a real-God (Jehovah) filled holiday, with Jesus front and center. After all, the holiday was created to worship Him. Let's not hurt His heart by ignoring Him on His day.

May love and peace be yours throughout 2012.

Dec 5, 2011


I was shocked last week to hear from my high school crush. Athletic star, honor roll member, man of personality, musician, actor, anything good, he won an award for outstanding performance.

George galloped his white horse across my world for four years. My country girl heart thudded in his presence. He was my brother's best friend, and he hung out at our house, where our friends gathered to do what teens did in the 50s. Without computer games and TV!

I hadn't seen George since our last high school reunion. I knew this retired pastor had kept his good looks, good health and friendly personality. He'd lived in Florida for years.

When he contacted me last week, George said his wife had died and he'd like to refresh the friendship, something like that. Thrill of a lifetime, right?

All went well until George started assuming I was going to communicate with him without aid of phone or email. Use familiar spirits, in other words. Sorcery, to be blunt about it. When I told him I couldn't do that, my back started hurting and arthritis made my hip joints creak. I struggled to remember what I'd done five minutes ago. My stomach knotted as if I had stomach flu.

Was George putting New Age curses on me? I immediately used the defenses I'd learned to keep Jesus front and center in my life, (Read more in R U Bullied?)  and returned to normal. I shut down any communication with George after explaining he operates in sorcery!

A retired pastor. Son of godly parents and grandparents. George used sorcery!

Yes! That's what God calls it. Sorcery. "Use of supernatural power over others through the assistance of demons; witchcraft." Copied from ASK online.

Millions of people send curses [and demons] to harass anyone who crosses them or causes them real or imagined harm. Friends, this is NOT Holy Spirit directed behavior!

I met sorcery head-on in the mid-80s. Chuck, the attorney I shared office space with, recommended that I attend a conference in Colorado. I refused because of a vague suspicion, based on what Chuck told me we would be doing. He returned from the conference with stories that didn't jibe with my Holy-Spirit-filled world and the Word of God. Chuck saw Jesus at the conference, but his description did not match the Jesus of the Bible.

"Oh Chuck," I said, "They taught you New Age--the demons they taught you to manipulate and send out are the same Babylonian demons that destroyed the Israelites and sent them into captivity before Jesus was born."

Chuck laughed at me, as if I'd lost a marble or two. He started causing my face to turn red. He laughed when he saw me squirming behind my desk. I experienced confusion when I tried to see what Chuck asked for on my desk and hand it to him. I forgot things and made stupid comments. More ridicule. More of Chuck's strutting and gloating.

"What can I do about this, Lord?" I prayed.

"Pray in the prayer language that Chuck will make Jesus Lord of his life." For the next few months, before I moved out of the shared office arrangement, I prayed for Chuck. I discovered my mind has a second tier, that allowed me to pray for Chuck and continue my daily duties.

Suddenly my attorney friend stumbled and mumbled through his legal duties. He expressed gratitude when I stopped my prayers long enough for him to conduct an important meeting. He begged. He groveled. He could never match the power he used with the Holy Spirit's grand power I used.

I learned to pray silently as I carried out the tasks required for my business support service. Any time I was awake, 24/7, I prayed for Chuck.

For 35 years I have asked the Lord to teach me what He wants me to know. (Psalm 25:4) You've read past posts about some of the amazing things He taught me. By His grace I've learned the difference between Holy Spirit power and the dark power wielded by the enemy of our souls.

There is no other power. We operate either in God's immense power, or we use the evil power from the wicked spheres where Satan dwells. In spite of what our modern thinkers say, the Bible is still the Truth. God's standards have not changed.

Remember, Satan tried to kill Jesus at the cross. [Jesus laid down His life; nobody killed him.] Satan thought he had Jesus beaten, bruised, humiliated and crucified, but three days later Jesus rose from the dead! Victorious! Satan's phony power failed him. He was forced to bow to the Winner! The mighty Son of God!

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the difference between these two powers, and help you choose Jesus' winning power every time.

This morning I re-read I Corinthians 10 and Galatians 5 to review what God says will happen to people who use sorcery. I hope you read the passages yourself.

This is serious, friends! People who think they are Christians and practice sorcery will lose fellowship with God! Anyone who uses sorcery will be refused entrance to heaven! I John 1:9 - confess your sins and forsake them!

You don't want to go to Hell.  http://spiritlessons.com/Documents/BillWiese_23MinutesinHell_Text.htm

You want to go to Heaven.  http://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Real-Little-Astounding-Story/dp/0849946158

Now you know what I tell anyone involved in sorcery, including George. His good looks, his money, anything in the whole wide world would not make up for the loss of my relationship with the God of the Universe. Read more in R U Bullied?, where three chapters are dedicated to the power and work of the Holy Spirit in a human life.

I know--I've tried to condense a book's worth of material into a thousand-word blog post. I'll respond to your comments/questions if they're respectful. Leave a comment. If I don't know the answer to your question, I'll ask someone who knows.

Dec 2, 2011

I APOLOGIZE--My computer took a Thanksgiving vacation without asking! Let's remove the last post and move on. If you've had the problem, you understand. If not, no words can explain.

L--, Killer Dog and Max
My daughter L-- and her dogs "made" my Thanksgiving! We wished her son Josh could join us, but he's a California resident. Need I say more?

In the meantime, think on this message from Jesus to you:

I'm crazy about you--yes, you.
I'm here with you. The battle winner, Mighty One, Savior.
At the thought of you I spin around wildly. Excited. Ecstatic.
Silent, I gaze at you. Adoring.
Past sins? I will never bring them up.
My heart is too full of love for you.
  Zephaniah 3:17                                    

Nov 22, 2011



In honor of the special readers I'm sharing my tasty, healthy pumpkin pie! Yowza! It's good. Let me know what you think. Here goes. Ready?

Share your recipes for favorite holiday food in the comments or email me at audrey4j@yahoo.com.


You will not find a flakier crust! It's healthy, with olive oil and sea salt.
                      1 1/4 cups unbleached flour
                      Pinch of Stevia sweetener powder (optional)
                     1/2 teasp. sea salt
                     1/3 cup olive oil
                     2 tablespoons water or soymilk

Mix the flour, sweetener and salt together. Make a hole in the center (a well). Mix oil and water or soymilk together and pour into the hole. Mix with a fork until mixture forms a ball. Knead slightly and place in a 9-inch pie pan. No need to roll out. Press with fingers up the sides and across the bottom until crust is smooth.
Use only 3/4 cup flour and add 1/2 cup oatmeal that's been pulsed in your food processor,
or whole wheat flour. Add 1/2 cup chopped nuts if desired.

Grandson Josh luvs punkin pie.

         Set oven at 425 degrees.
         In a mixing bowl add ingredients one at a time and mix well--
            2 eggs, beaten well
            1 can or 15 oz. fresh pumpkin
            1/4 cup honey or four packets Stevia powder**
            1/2 teasp. salt
            1-2 teasp pumpkin pie spice (or make your own pie spice--1/2 teasp ground cinnamon,   3/4 teasp ground ginger, 1/4 teasp nutmeg, 1/4 teasp ground cloves)
            1 1/2 cups soymilk or 1 can evaporated milk
         Pour into the unbaked (9") pie shell. Sprinkle with nutmeg if desired.
         Bake 15 minutes at 450 degrees, reduce to 350 degrees and bake about 45 minutes, until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.
         Cool and serve with real whipped cream.

**Make a test pie first to be sure you like the Stevia flavor. Some folks don't like it in baked goods. Or use part Stevia and part honey.


Be sure you have enough for everyone--This recipe can be multiplied as many times as needed.

Pour 1 box (8 oz) heavy whipping cream into a chilled bowl. Whip with an electric mixer or hand held rotary beater until soft peaks form. Be careful--overbeating results in butter! Add 1 tablespoon  sugar to taste. Continue beating until firm peaks form. Add 1 teasp vanilla, to taste. Keep chilled until you're ready to serve pie! Yum!

Nov 19, 2011


What do you do when the house burns, money runs out, and people spread false rumors about you? _____ Fill in your own blank if I missed your crisis, but we all agree—Bad things happen in this world. There is a fail-safe solution. Let's talk about it.

I've watched people wrap their arms around themselves and crawl into a corner when bad things happen. Two years later they're still whining about the situation. Exact date and time? They'll tell you without being asked.

Many of the people I mentor start out in whine mode, but if they do what the Bible instructs, they'll use the winning-the-battle methods God describes. Follow His three-step method, and you'll win any battle that you face, even if you're slicing onions.

Yes, onions. Today I sliced onions and put them in the freezer for next week. My eyes watered. I blew my nose. Until I spoke the winning words any Christian can use in any type of battle. The words were barely out of my mouth before my eyes dried up and I finished the job in peace. I chuckled and whispered, "Thanx, God."

I could sense His smile. "Piece of cake." His laugh rumbled through the kitchen.

You don't need to know all of the Bible, especially if you're a new Christian. Ephesians 6:10 is a good verse for lots of situations, including this one: "Finally, build up your strength in union with the Lord and by means of his mighty power." Repeat the verse until you know it backward, forward, and upside down.

We're in a war! Put on your armor. (verses 11 & 12)

The Apostle Paul mentions the source of all our trouble. ALL?

Paul knew what we forget—My brother/sister is not the enemy. The Enemy(Satan) is the enemy. We waste our time and hurt God's heart if we blame our fellow man for our problems.

What gives us the right to stand/ resist the enemy? Not our money, not our good grades or degrees, not our nice clothes or bank account.... When Jesus died on the cross He won the battle between Himself and Satan. If we've made Him Lord of our lives, the Bible says we're in His family. We're winners! How? Jesus gives His winner standing to His entire family. Wooo hoo!

Satan lost the battle. Anyone who follows him is a loser. Satan doesn't want us to know he's a loser, and he puts up a good fight, but in the end he will be defeated and Jesus will win. Yippee Skippee!

We can allow Satan to win. How? By neglecting to use the power Jesus wants us to have. I've already said anything we need at any time has already been provided. Read the remaining verses in Ephesian 6, or at least through verse 20. You'll understand what I mean.

Get those ten verses in your knower. Then apply them.

Study 2 Chronicles 20:1-29, the story of how God won a great victory for the Israelites when defeat stared them in the face.

Sure, studying these verses will take more time than usual, but it will be worth it. When people start throwing curses, when you're being abused, when you don't know which direction to drive, whatever the crisis, call out the words—"The battle belongs to the Lord."

Let's say it all together— 

Tell us in the comments how God helped you when you called out this verse. I call it a battle cry. Not an onion cry (grin).

Learn more in R U Bullied? Buy yours today!

Nov 15, 2011


For some reason the Lord definitely wants me to write these blog posts, without my bio, most photos or illustrations. I omit most names and a lot of details to stay under the radar of the Google machines. Yet the readership rises!

Maybe God wants to prove that He can build a blog without help from the extra pfoo-pfoo? Beats me. So I wobble along, doing my best to obey Him. Sometimes I fall flat on my face; Other times I soar in the clouds. And God keeps on loving me, regardless.

Obedience is necessary for all followers of Jesus. (Mark 8:34). I hope you're asking the Lord to teach you what He wants you to know. (Psalm 25:4) I've been praying the prayer in Psalm 25 for almost 35 years. I assure you, you'll be amazed at what He wants you to know.

Some things I'm sure of--
|| The battle is the Lord's. My job is to praise and worship, and He will do the offense.
|| Jesus loves me intensely.
|| He will never leave me or forsake me.
|| He heals my body.
|| He will always provide my needs.
|| He gives me wonderful friends, including YOU! Thanx again for reading!

Share in the comments what the Lord has taught you that enables you to walk with Him.
Or email at audrey4j@yahoo.com.

Nov 14, 2011

Nebraska Assistant Coach Ron Brown's face, and his name, are closely connected with his faith. Last Friday he met with a friend, one of Penn State's assistant coaches. They discussed the high emotions and rioting associated with the firing of beloved coach Paterno, who neglected to deal with a sexual predator within his department.

Some people thought the game between Nebraska (Go Huskers!) and Penn State should be cancelled. But the decision was made to play. Brown and the powers-that-be agreed a prayer should be said Saturday before the game.  The link below shows what happened. Put yourself in this picture, as 100,000 fans and two teams quiet. Many people bow their heads, helmets and hats come off, and Coach Brown's voice rings out with petitions to the Almighty God.

Ron Brown is a role model any young person can follow without fear of having him "drop the ball." Do a search and you will find many YouTube videos and articles with his name and face, along with his consistent example of God's love and grace. God bless Ron Brown.

Tongue in cheek comment: God did answer--Nebraska won!



Nov 10, 2011


Do you sincerely believe you can do something wrong and hide evidence where no one will find it? Or do you agree with me that if you sin someone will find out about it, possibly the entire world. It may take years, but sooner or later the truth will come out.

The fire storm at Penn State University this week helps prove my point. That wicked assistant coach had his way for many years, but he was found out, and he will be punished.

Where did I get my view? I don't remember when my parents first quoted Numbers 32:23: "Be sure your sin will find you out." They didn't bother checking the context  for the verse. They quoted it to keep me in line.

Since then I've learned the verse is not a threat to little children. I no longer develop fear chills over reminders that God is always watching me, either. At age five I grabbed I John 4:8, "God is love." I printed it everywhere my five-year-old fingers could reach. This three-word gem has held my faith firm and steady all these years.

Guess what streamed through my mind yesterday as the horrible Penn State story zinged around the world. "Be sure your sin will find you out."

With that thought came the reminder of how many times the above verses have proven true in my life, and perpetrators against me were found out. You and I could tell many tales of how someone kicked us to the curb with steel-toed boots. The bad memories sometimes haunt us for years. Finally I started acting on my belief that the God of the Universe truly does see everything, and He loves and cares for His own. Especially when I forgive the perpetrators. I quoted I Samuel 17:47: "The battle is the Lords."

We can learn peace of mind and find answers for our problems when we leave the battle to the Lord. Does our Heavenly Father want His children worrying? No. What does He desire for us? That we spend our time worshiping and praising Him.

"Come unto me all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28

Do you agree with my opinion, as stated in the first paragraph? email me at audrey4j@yahoo.com, or comment below.

Nov 5, 2011


Are you totally convinced that "all things work together for good to those who love God"? ROM 8:28.

Trish faced a struggle when she realized two respected pastors had been praying against her writing for years!

"I wondered why nothing worked," she said. "I hit a wall with my book, and I couldn't get it selling again. Do you suppose those pastors prayed against it?"

We may never know on this side of eternity why certain hurtful  events take place. One thing we do know--God has a plan for our lives. We need to check with Him. Maybe He wants us to slow down and wait for something else to happen first. Do we need to stop the project until the pastor forgets about it? Ask other people to pray? We will never know until we ask the Lord.

R U Bullied?
has several references on how much God loves us, and scriptures telling us it's important to forgive. Have you read the ebook?

Trish was so hurt she almost stopped writing. "My jaw dropped and I just stood there when someone told me," she said. It took several weeks before she could freely forgive the pastors. "But when I forgave them, God's peace flowed over me, and now I'm willing to release the book and the hurt to God."

How does God guide all the twists and turns of our lives without a computer?  Won't it be fun to sit down together with God and let Him lay out the details of the plan He had for us.
I quoted PROV 26:2 for Trish, and it comforted her: "Curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them. They are like birds that fly by and never light." (Good News version.) The enemy (and Pastors) may try to change God's will for our lives, but they will not succeed. No matter how bad it looks

The plan God shows us in eternity will be the blueprint He plotted when He created the Universe, and no one else can ever change that perfect plan.

* The subjects I promised to discuss had to be changed because Trish's issue came up. Let's try for Thursday, okay?

Nov 2, 2011


I almost took down the blog and planned to retire it along with my writing. But I just couldn't. Where else can I share all the marvelous things God does for me, and give Him glory?

I wish you could have shared Susan's victory with us. We ran an errand about twenty miles from home, when she made a vague comment about seizures. I knew she had them, but I'd never been with her when she had one.

What to do, so far from home? Susan doesn't go to a doctor for seizures. She has no money. Only one thing to do--pray.  I prayed silently as she closed her eyes and seemed to melt into the car seat. First I prayed silently but this lady was disappearing into unconsciousness! I headed east toward her home, reciting scriptures out loud and making declarations. She prayed too, as she was able. One time we dropped into the prayer language. She prayed in her PL and I prayed in mine. Suddenly Susan sat up, smiled and took more part in the petitions I was sending up to God.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up next to her home. She was too weak to walk inside. We sat in the car, praying and reciting scriptures. Slowly she sounded stronger and I knew she would remain conscious.

"I'm having a flashback!" she announced, and wept as she told the traumatizing story from her teenage years. Of seeing the gun  barrel pointed her way, hearing the threats, and wondering if she would live to her next birthday.  The terror of knowing she had no place to run or hide, that her mother had no intention of helping her. Finally the vodka did its work in the perpetrator's head and he passed out. "I knew I would live," she sobbed.

I realized Susan's traumatic experience was holding her back from spiritual growth somehow. I have had to deal with plenty of traumatic experiences in my own life. I've learned from experience that when I face the event and follow certain procedures, I get freed up spiritually. We kept on with the prayer language, and the Holy Spirit guided us through the steps of recognizing the trauma, forgiving the people involved, and claiming God's healing power. The angels dive bombed off the building in front of us, celebrating another victory for the Lord.

"I feel better," Susan announced. She hopped out of the car and tromped to the front door with a huge smile, a clear mind and strength to do whatever she needed to do. God did a permanent healing  as she released the trauma, fear and unforgiveness related to that horrible event in her life. Time will tell, but I'm believing she is healed of seizures for the rest of her life.

I'll post more consistently since I've made up my mind to continue the blog. Saturday we'll talk about traveling mercies and laying hands on my vacuum. Make comments below, or email me at audrey4j@yahoo.com.

Oct 26, 2011


I realized on the way to church Sunday that I had a low left front tire. Susan, the lady I'm discipling, said, "Stop at a filling station and I'll fill it for you."

My reply? "God usually fixes the problem.... God, please fix my tire.... Let's wait and see what He does today."

We went on to church. When we left 1 1/2 hour later, I realized the car didn't pull to the left anymore!

God spoils me sooooo much! All the time. I did an inner grin when Susan went along with the idea, that God could and did fill my tire. Methinks she's almost ready to graduate, because she's expecting big things from God, as if His provision and healing are normal for her, too.

Oct 19, 2011


Most of my readers know I'm leaving the writing world at the end of 2011. Two months ago I realized the interest in writing had merged with the quilting studio phase of a few years back, along with several other businesses I developed and abandoned.
Starting in 1999, I followed my personality type and jumped on the writing, putting all my effort into learning how to produce the products of my passion. I worked hard. At the present time I'm not interested in reading or talking about the subject of writing. I will probably finish a couple of projects. I'm already off on a different interest.

I will probably repeat this pattern until the Lord takes me to heaven with Him.
The past two weeks I've been thinking about why the Lord led me into writing and the results. Some insights will not become clear for years. I'll pack away the boxes of notes and information I've collected. Maybe I'll blog or write short stories or devotionals. My doctor will be pleased because I've discontinued the habit of sitting on the computer chair for hours without moving. My health has already improved.
Speaking of health, the issues multiplied when I committed to producing my first novel. Diabetes, a heart attack and hip issues complicated my life almost immediately. I was disabled for five years until the Lord healed me about ten days ago.
One good side effect was that I learned to do strong warfare in order to survive. Literally. As in live. And I started asking the Lord to teach me what He wanted me to know (Psalm 25:4). Now I'm comfortable in the victory that comes with walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.
As soon as I announced my intention to leave the writing world, the pressure came off. My spiritual battles are only half what they were during the writing years. I feel like the proverbial cat, with nine lives. One thing I know for sure, I will always land on my feet, as a cat does, and stay busy with the next phase our Lord has planned.

Sure, I'm almost 75, but I still live with the passion to know the God of the Universe as deeply and intimately as possible. If I learn more with this challenging lifestyle, then so be it.

Email me at audrey4j@yahoo.com if you prefer email to comments.

Oct 12, 2011


The Apostle Paul repeated this little sentence several times in the thirteen books of the Bible that he wrote. Uh! That's hard. Personally, I like to complain from time to time. (Just kidding)

Three reasons for praise? 1) People like us better. Who likes to be around a crabbyface, anyway? 2) God likes praise. 3) Complaining makes us forget about the good things God has done for us.

Here's my short praise list. 
}} In all my life I have never skipped a meal for lack of food. I've fasted through meals, but the money was always there for  the almost 81,000 meals I've eaten so far.

}} My former pastor read R U Bullied? and said it is theologically correct. I appreciate having him take time to read the ebook, and I'm glad I was good with the theological correctness. Whew!

}} One of life's mysteries for me? How can Christians pray and ask God to heal someone and He does! The last couple weeks I prayed for two people and they are receiving gradual healing. Not a miracle healing, but a gradual, "I feel better today" experience.
M was healed of osteoarthritis! Her comment? "My back doesn't hurt as much, and I sleep better." Hallelujay!
S suffers from severe allergies and seizures. "I'm gradually getting better," she said. "Soon it will be 100 percent." God seems to be sweeping out the toxins first.... "One step at a time."

}} I personally received relief after five years of pain, arthritis and stiff muscles in my back and right leg. Starting in April 2007, I endured months of misdiagnosis. Doctors said I had spondylosis of the L5 vertebrae with bulging disk.

In July 2008 another doctor gave me a more fixable diagnosis--"You need a right hip replacement." He left my leg shorter when he replaced the hip. I didn't have money for therapy. We prayed and the bone grew. But the ligaments didn't relax, and my back was still arthritic and  inflexible. Last week the arthritis and inflexibility disappeared! I'm celebrating by painting the garage door and front foundation of my house! God is good!

Did I say the Lord totally replaced my left hip in April 2010?

Tell us in the comments how you are praising the Lord today.

Check out the lowered price for R U Bullied? (Click on the cover.) Buy your copy today!

Oct 7, 2011


I talk about rants in R U bullied? but do you know what that means? Call it praising Jesus, and it's so deep it feels like a rant. Let's do one together.

"Jesus, everything I ever wanted I find in you. I want more of you. I want everything you have. Don't hold back anything. Teach me how to be totally consumed by you. I love you. I worship you. You are the apple of God the Father's eye. Let me see your face. I want to see your eyes, and I want to look deep, to discover your love for me, your excitement that I'm alive and I know you. I want to see your smile, when you're smiling at me. I smile back, because I get lost in your love, Lord Jesus. I need to see your face. Let me hear your voice in the morning, when the day begins. Let me hear your voice at noon, as I go about my work. Let me hear your voice in the evening, as we fellowship together before bedtime. Teach me your ways, O Lord; show me how to follow you. You are the everlasting God, the beginning and the end. You never change. You are everlasting, eternal. You are the same today as you were yesterday, and the day before. Jesus, you are the same now as you were in eternity past, when you decided to leave your luxury lifestyle where everybody gave you reverence, and come to earth. It was your decision to die for me, and rise again. Because you love me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Show me more of yourself, Lord. Weave yourself totally into my life. I want more of you! I want all of you!"

Now write your own rant to Jesus. Pray first, confess any sin the Holy Spirit brings to your mind (I John 1:9), forgive anyone who has done something to hurt you or cause you loss (Matt 6:15). Ready? Relax. as Don't try to control your words. Don't worry if you repeat yourself. Some rants have a theme and your repetition of the same phrase is God repeating the theme He has chosen. Ask the Holy Spirit to take control of your mind and say things that would please Jesus. Ask God to help you see how he smiles as you rant to him. Ask to see his face as you praise and worship him in the deepest way you know how. Ask again to know him more intimately.... How did you do? Relax, don't edit anything. Thank God for helping you praise Jesus. Save your rant in a notebook, or not. Jesus loves repeated rants, or new ones, depending on what you feel inspired to do.

Share your rant, or part of it, in the comments. Bless someone with your rant today.

Oct 3, 2011

look around!

I know how you feel when you're bullied! You, the bullee(new word, meaning the one who is bullied) cannot think about anything else. You dream about it. You talk about it to anyone who will listen. You may withdraw into your own little world until the Lord changes everything and the abuse stops.

I have a challenge for you—Think about something else when the going gets tough. Ask Jesus to help you. Read scriptures and praise the Lord. Hard as it is, you'll be able to change your concentration if you really try. I have to ask Jesus several times to help me because my mind keeps slipping back to the bully situation. But I usually hang in there until God answers my prayer.

Changing your concentration helps.
1) The Lord is pleased. Where is that Bible verse that says, "Always rejoice"? Philippians?
2) You will be more popular. Your friends will enjoy having you talk about something else besides your unhappiness.
3) Lots of good things will happen that you would have missed with that other attitude.

This is just my idea—We read in R U Bullied that God is unhappy when we are suffering. He does the same thing we do when we see someone in a tough situation—We like to slip in little presents or take the person out for a fun experience. When I'm being bullied, I look around, because our Father probably has a present for me. Sometimes He lets me find money I didn't know I had. Last week I discovered
A -- Someone had left my car door open, and no one saw it for three days. The car started as usual!
B -- On October 1st I added up my bank deposits and what I'd spent. Would you believe, I spent $40 more than I deposited in September! How does the Lord do that? This is one of His favorites with me.
C My washing machine is 31 years old, so I shouldn't have complained when the belts started squawking LOUD! By the time I made it downstairs to check, Ken (short for the brand name, Kenmore) had walked and squawked to the end of his cord! He sat in the middle of the floor, apparently dead.

But I needed Ken! I laid hands on him and said, "In the name of Jesus, work!" The machine took off, finished the cycle, and he's been working since! Squawking and squealing, but working. I smile every time I start him.

Change your concentration from problems to blessings and see what Jesus has for you! He is so wonderful! Let's praise and worship!

Tell us in the comments what presents Jesus has given you lately.

Sep 30, 2011


People who bully may have imbalances in their vitamin and hormone levels. Treat the cause and the bullying may go away.

Myra (not her real name) jerked her car door handle one more time. "It's locked." She peered inside at her purse perched on the front seat, and her keys in the ignition. Her 1994 Chevy purred like a contented tiger on the driveway.


She'd done this four years ago. This time there was a difference: People would probably say she had Alzheimers and treat her accordingly.

"I had five months' experience with what people thought was Alzheimers," Myra said. "But any mistake at my age triggers the A-word. I was not demented, I made the same mistake a younger person might make."

In late March Myra realized she might be swallowing around her thyroid. "Tests showed thyroid hormone and vitamin levels so low I was beginning to slip into kidney failure! Treatment started immediately, with hormones and vitamins. I'm normal now."

Dementia, real or imagined, rules. Unless you are informed.

Any changes in behavior, regardless of the person's age, should trigger the question—"Have you had blood tests for vitamin and hormone levels?" Many symptoms may appear—loss of memory, aggressive behavior, losing things, for instance. Myra's family and friends were making plans to place her in a nursing home!

Name calling is a form of bullying.

Do you know someone who could use a shot of behavior change? Write about it in the comments section.

Sep 21, 2011


Are we in the End Times? I'm not sure. When I have a question about anything prophetic I consult the prophets at International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Their 24/7 webstream (ihop.org) sends Spirit-filled music through your house. Click on the prayer room or weekend services..

It's easy to check with one of IHOP's prophets—Watch any videos by Rick Joyner on YouTube. He believes the End Times started with the earthquake in Japan. Regardless, we know bad things are happening more and more.

R U Bullied? has an entire chapter (Chapter 9, #320) dedicated to having God's power in our lives.
On Sunday, I needed extra power to stand against failure thoughts and discouragement. In six easy steps, I~~
1) started my Ipod with the Bible loaded on it. To do this step, you'll need an Ipod, a radio or player with the Bible downloaded, or part of it.; or the webstream at IHOP.org. You can use music, too, but the Bible lends more power to the experience I am describing.
2) made sure the communication between myself and the Lord was open. I prayed, confessing my sins. (I John 1:9) "If we agree with God that we have sinned, God will forgive us." (Ch. 9, #435 in RUB?)
3) made sure I had forgiven everyone in my world. (Matt 6:15). "If we cannot forgive others, God cannot forgive us." (Ch. 9, #131 in RUB?) I asked Holy Spirit to help me forgive.
4) repeated the prayer I repeat at least once a day—Psalm 25:4. "Teach me what you want me to know, Lord." (Ch 5, #214 in RUB?)
5) grabbed a piece of scratch paper for notes and wrote the date. I know I have a notebook somewhere....
6) [There are three alternatives here. Sorry to be so confusing.] adjusted the volume to low and began reading aloud from the Psalms. It's difficult to follow the one who reads the Bible on your Ipod or wherever. The translation may be different, or the reader speaks too fast. So turn down the volume and send two Bible-streams into the atmosphere. God can hear, regardless of the volume. Play Spirit-filled music OR If you have the gift of praying in strange tongues, use that gift now. (#329 in RUB?) Speaking aloud during this power worship time is important!

The most powerful combination, which I always use, is having the Ipod streaming the Bible verses into the room where I worship, along with praying in strange tongues.

I wrote down anything I felt God was saying
. If he repeated himself, I used a hash mark. In two hours, God covered all my bases, and his presence was so heavy in the house I could hardly walk. The next 24 hours were full of peace, and I heard God's voice over and over. I slept soundly through the night.

Monday afternoon I was ready for more power worship.

In these tough times we need to spend as much time as possible in God's presence. He will surprise us with unusual protection from bullies, having all needs supplied, extra wisdom, answers to prayer we've only dreamed about until now. For me, an important benefit is clear direction from the Lord.

QUESTION: Are we in the Last Days? Comment in the comments section, please.

Sep 15, 2011

I LOVE RANTS! Especially when I'm the one who's ranting. lol  I like Jesus' rants too. Here's a recent rant to you from Jesus.

Drawing by Pat--Send Yours!
I can help~~ U R going  2 b ok~~ Step by step with me 2 a safe lifestyle~~ I care~~ Don't B afraid~~ I'm always here~~ Trust me~~ Need help? Just ask~~ I'll protect U~~ Don't give up~~ I luv U~~ I planned Gr8t blessings 4 U~~ I will save U~~ I am God~~ I cry because U hurt~~ Yur pain is real~~ Rest in Me~~ I luv U~~ I'm here 4 U~~ U R forgiven~~ Goodbye past, hello happiness~~ U own my heart~~ U R my clone~~ The battle is already won~~ I forgave u, forgive others~~ Follow Me~~ Seek my face~~ One holy passion--worship Me~~Ask 4 my help~~ Believe what the Bible says about U~~ Father God luvs U as much as He luvs me~~ I promise you peace~~

Write your own rant! Post it in the comments. Inappropriate comments will be taken down.

Sep 8, 2011

Kim Zweygardt won the pen! Congratulations, Kim! Thanx for helping launch R U Bullied. Kim is working hard on her presentations for Conference, and we will not disturb her. After conference, we'll ask for an interview.

DO YOU KNOW THE TWO BIBLE VERSES THAT WILL FREE A BULLY VICTIM FOREVER? Look for the verses highlighted in hot pink.

STICKS AND STONES WILL BREAK YOUR BONES, BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT YOU! Do you agree with this ancient ditty? I don't! Words can hurt and destroy.

Erika and Billy are soooooo happy. They sing, they dance, they laugh.**Read more on this subject in R U Bullied?, Chapter 12, #6, 9 and 10.

The twins weren't always happy. They were bullied. Often. And it hurt.

They found a great makeup to cover the bruises on their bodies.
But how does one cover a smashed heart?

"You're always...." Mom's favorite sentence starter.
On Monday Mom said Erika ate all the cookies. "But I ate just one," E wailed.
On Tuesday Mom said, "Billy, you're always lazy."
On Wednesday Mom just glared. She didn't say a word all day. "How are we supposed to know how to change if you don't tell us what's wrong?" E and B waited for her to answer. She didn't reply.

Bullies love lies and shunning.

"Could we be living in a double world?" the twins asked.
1)"Mom tells us how worthless we are.
2) Pastor Tim talks about our great value to God."

In August, P Tim talked about victory.
The first Sunday he said, "God loves you so much He gets off his throne and dances." (Zephaniah 3:17) E and B and their friends danced and praised God because he loves all teens.

Second Sunday, P Tim said, "Jesus loved you so much he left his luxury lifestyle in Heaven. He spent 33 years preparing to die for you. Then he died for you. After that he rose from death and went back to Heaven. "I'll come back for you," he promised. "I'll pray for you while I'm in Heaven." Many times Jesus said, "I love you." (John 3:16)

"Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! You  paid a horrible price for our freedom. How can we thank you enough?"

Third Sunday, P Tim preached on Romans 8:1*. He said,
1) "The Holy Spirit took the entire eighth chapter in Romans to explain the first verse."
2) "If you have made Jesus Lord of your life, nobody can accuse you of anything.*"
3) "All you have to do is agree with God (confess your sins)."  I  John 1:9
4) "Why? Because Jesus paid the penalty for anything  his children have done/will do."

"What? No blame, no guilt? Ever?" E and B couldn't believe their ears.

"Jesus sees you as white as snow." P Tim danced across the platform. "Come on, let's celebrate!"

E and B and their friends have celebrated ever since.

When a bully accuses you, do you have to believe his/her words? No. The almighty, huge, victorious, loving God of the Universe has said it—"My children are free from condemnation." You are not guilty! Straighten your back! Walk like the winner you are!


Will's son Paul loves to remind his dad of the bad things he did when Paul was young. Will asked Paul how he would explain to Jesus that he still held grudges against his dad when Jesus saw him as white as snow. Paul simply repeated his accusations. He could not forgive! Will prays for Paul that he can forgive, because we all know what happens when we hold grudges. Matthew 6:15

When someone accuses you of sins God has already forgiven, ask Will's question.

E and B and Will can relax, regardless of what their accusers say. Jesus said it himself—"Be happy. I paid for your sins." Christians are the most blessed people on the planet!

How you are bullied? Please answer in the comments. Almost everyone is bullied, one way or another. 

Sep 4, 2011

QUESTION: I need to ask a question: Have you heard of someone who took on a Moses glow (Exodus 34:29-35) after they wrote/published a book? After  R U Bullied? pubbed I suddenly realized my face was glowing! 
Is there a better name for this phenomenon than the Moses glow? 
At first I didn't realize what was going on, but now I sometimes get into interesting conversations. Any time I go shopping, men, women, boys and girls stare, and some move to within six inches of my face, staring! Friday I had to sign some papers at an office, and everyone in the place stared big time. Of course I glow in church! Anybody else had this experience? Do ya think God is blessing R U Bullied?  I will post a photo if possible.

I need your comments.

Sep 3, 2011


Who knows who will win a cool pen for the best write of their life? You have to win if it's going to be you! Duh! Instructions in the August 25th post. If  you prefer a lesser pen, you probably know someone who would love one of these good ones.
*Bribe a teacher;
*Pay off a favor; 
*Warm your mother's heart;
*Help Dad avoid check fraud.

Monday, September 5, 2011 at 6 pm is the deadline!

Sep 1, 2011

I LOVE ACFW, FCW BONNIE CALHOUN (The answer girl--what would we do without her), AND ALL THE YOUNG ADULTS ON THE PLANET!  This blog's for you, you know. I've been so busy producing RUB? I didn't check the stats. Wow! You visited a lot! I appreciate your interest. But not a single person has commented. Come on, I know you're busy getting ready for conference, or going to school, or working, but PLEESE!

Who's going to win those cool pens? (I have to choose prizes for males, too, and it's HARD. Help me out here.

I responded to K's e-note this morning, and our Lord prompted me to post it here. This is for all of you who are in school, sleeping in, working a job, or going to the ACFW conference.

K, thanx for asking all of us to pray. Our Lord tells us to pray for one another. I will lift up your name at 4:00, central time.

As I set up to reply to you this morning, our Lord reminded me He knew what was going to happen this day, for all of us, before He created the Universe! Eph. 1:4
Isn't that amazing? I quote Proverbs 16:2 many times a day--"The curse undeserved shall not alight." We're so covered by the Godly armour and Jesus' blood, there is no way harm can befall us. Unless we give in to fear and forget what we already know! Eph 6:10-18.Take time to praise and celebrate today with your staff, K! 2 Chronicles 20

These scripture references came from R U Bullied? Esp. 2 Chronicles 20 will be a great encouragement today.

God bless you this day! Audrey Hebbert

Aug 25, 2011


click on this link -- http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/77306

Isn't our cyberworld amazing?
Isn't our God amazing!
Today's young adults are amazing--Including you!
Jesus knew your name before He created the Universe! (Eph 1:4). He's excited about you!

You will want to give every teen you know a copy of R U Bullied?. Audrey Hebbert has written a fresh, upbeat and powerful manual on dealing with a problem of epic proportions: Bullying. Instead of wringing her hands about the issue, Audrey teaches teens to use the very best weapon, the Word of God, for lifelong answers on how to survive and thrive, using the same guidelines Jesus used. Kim Z., Founder, Lamplight Ministries.


You'll love these good pens!

If you are a young adult (ages 13-20), male or female, you're in range for  this blog. Today I feel compelled to ask you questions. Because I'm nosey? No. But is there a better way to get acquainted with you-all? Josh will help me do the drawing for the Uni-ball gel pens I'm offering as prizes.

WHAT IS YOUR PET PEEVE? What better way to start the school year? A good pen is great for--
1) having someone "borrow" it and forget to return it. (You get to practice forgiveness);
2) experiencing the smoothest write of your life; You won't want to write with anything else.
3) writing permanent. Your parents/grandparents write checks with these pens. I use them all the time--they do not fade under water. A check forger will not be able to copy important info or bleach out anything on a check written with the black Uniball pen #207.
4) The Uni-ball Vision Elite pens are lightweight, pretty, easy writers.

Get in the drawing! It's easy ! Write your pet peeve in the comments, or send it to me at audrey4j@yahoo.com. The two names Josh draws out of the "hat" will be announced September 3, 2011.

You do not have to buy a copy of R U Bullied to enter the contest!

Remember, you will have to send me your snail mail address if you win. I'll let you know.Next contest will have a cyber coupon for sure.


Jul 18, 2011


The Published Cover

Who knew  I'd need three months to write a 17-page ebook? There's an excuse--This is my first. The next one will be up and running sooner--I think.

It's CHEAP! $3.99. Pass the word--R U Bullied? is ON SALE! The rest of the planet decided to publish the same day my book was scheduled to debut, and the pub date was pushed back. RUB? is not in the online catalogs yet! It officially pubbed August 10, 2011, but it takes time to have it appear on online lists. THE INTRODUCTORY PRICE--$3.99--IS EFFECTIVE UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2011, maybe longer.  Check back.  

Here's the new cover, waiting for you to finish it. Everybody has their own idea of what Jesus looks like. You do too! Think about it. Do you "see" Him in your mind? Interpret your ideas with art materials,  and add your artwork right there in the center of the cover. Check out places inside the book for your interpretations of P Tim and Josh.

Print all 17 pages and write, doodle, draw pictures. It's yours--did I say it's ON SALE?

I'd like to see your drawing of Jesus. Just keep it respectful. Wouldn't you like to see another kid's drawing?  FROM AROUND THE WORLD?

The publisher (Smashwords), posts books on lists and in catalogs that people read all over the world!  WE'LL HAVE A CONTEST! Where shall I buy the winners'  gift cards?

comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment comment

May 27, 2011


Honor someone who is serving our country Monday. They deserve it.

Check out the bracelet I made for my great-grandchild's mommy. "He"  is due in February, and we're excited! I'm thinking of ebooks to write for him already. We need to learn how to communicate because he lives in California and I'm in Nebraska.   I need to read to him so that he will recognize my voice. My daughter and I hope to visit there in March 2012.

...Now, where did that picture go?

I'll be starting a giveaway on Monday. For the boys, a brown shell bracelet. For girls, a blue bracelet similar to the the one shown above. All silver is sterling silver. Quality beads. Sized to fit the winner. Send me your email addy in the comments section until Friday, June 10th.

If you're ages 13-19 (a teen), sign up for the drawing, as many times as you can.

Today I was listening to my IPod, in Genesis. I'd been explaining our family generations to my grandson Josh (Yes, that's my grandson's photo above. He's the new daddy), and the people in Genesis reminded me of how we influence our future generations. Joseph's brothers super-bullied him, and he had to forgive a lot of other  people. What would have happened if he had refused to forgive his brothers and the others who made so much trouble for him? We never know how our good behavior will influence our families, or our bad behavior.


May 17, 2011


Isaiah 40:13, 14

Why are you bullied? I'm tellin' ya, it's not your fault. It's not about you. There's nothing wrong with you.

There's a reason. Anger, hurt, insecurity, rejection, embarrassment, feeling singled out, and fear grow in a kid's brain when he's bullied. He finds a victim (you) he can hurt, and make you suffer too.

If the bully settles his anger issues, he will feel better. He may not want to hurt you any more. That's why I said, "Bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you."Luke 6:28.

Regardless, find someone safe and tell them what is happening. Don't be like Amy, who wouldn't tell anyone about repeated rapes. Why? She didn't want to get the dude in trouble! Get real, Amy! You are not responsible for anyone's behavior but your own, so report bullying or any other offense that makes you feel worthless.

    Get help. Now.

THINK ABOUT IT – If you allow bullying now, you could develop a lifetime habit. You'll need courage to face your trouble now, but you'll save trouble later. JUST DO IT. I never want you to be bullied.
++Jesus sees all those laughing at me and He helps me, IJN.(In Jesus' Name).
++My sadness shall be turned into joy and happiness, IJN.

Pray for your pastor today. Ask God to keep him safe from gossip and the lies people tell.