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Sep 21, 2011


Are we in the End Times? I'm not sure. When I have a question about anything prophetic I consult the prophets at International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Their 24/7 webstream (ihop.org) sends Spirit-filled music through your house. Click on the prayer room or weekend services..

It's easy to check with one of IHOP's prophets—Watch any videos by Rick Joyner on YouTube. He believes the End Times started with the earthquake in Japan. Regardless, we know bad things are happening more and more.

R U Bullied? has an entire chapter (Chapter 9, #320) dedicated to having God's power in our lives.
On Sunday, I needed extra power to stand against failure thoughts and discouragement. In six easy steps, I~~
1) started my Ipod with the Bible loaded on it. To do this step, you'll need an Ipod, a radio or player with the Bible downloaded, or part of it.; or the webstream at IHOP.org. You can use music, too, but the Bible lends more power to the experience I am describing.
2) made sure the communication between myself and the Lord was open. I prayed, confessing my sins. (I John 1:9) "If we agree with God that we have sinned, God will forgive us." (Ch. 9, #435 in RUB?)
3) made sure I had forgiven everyone in my world. (Matt 6:15). "If we cannot forgive others, God cannot forgive us." (Ch. 9, #131 in RUB?) I asked Holy Spirit to help me forgive.
4) repeated the prayer I repeat at least once a day—Psalm 25:4. "Teach me what you want me to know, Lord." (Ch 5, #214 in RUB?)
5) grabbed a piece of scratch paper for notes and wrote the date. I know I have a notebook somewhere....
6) [There are three alternatives here. Sorry to be so confusing.] adjusted the volume to low and began reading aloud from the Psalms. It's difficult to follow the one who reads the Bible on your Ipod or wherever. The translation may be different, or the reader speaks too fast. So turn down the volume and send two Bible-streams into the atmosphere. God can hear, regardless of the volume. Play Spirit-filled music OR If you have the gift of praying in strange tongues, use that gift now. (#329 in RUB?) Speaking aloud during this power worship time is important!

The most powerful combination, which I always use, is having the Ipod streaming the Bible verses into the room where I worship, along with praying in strange tongues.

I wrote down anything I felt God was saying
. If he repeated himself, I used a hash mark. In two hours, God covered all my bases, and his presence was so heavy in the house I could hardly walk. The next 24 hours were full of peace, and I heard God's voice over and over. I slept soundly through the night.

Monday afternoon I was ready for more power worship.

In these tough times we need to spend as much time as possible in God's presence. He will surprise us with unusual protection from bullies, having all needs supplied, extra wisdom, answers to prayer we've only dreamed about until now. For me, an important benefit is clear direction from the Lord.

QUESTION: Are we in the Last Days? Comment in the comments section, please.