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Mar 3, 2012

Prayer for Remitting Sins
Henry Gruver
Often the Lord makes me aware that a piece of ground or a building has been used for evil purposes. I wrote this prayer to help cleanse the ground and make it useful for the Lord's purposes again. The Lord will show us when to pray this prayer if we ask Him.

"Father, according to Your Word, and in obedience to Your Word, I come boldly before Your throne into the courtroom of Heaven. I come in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the blood of Jesus, the body of Jesus and the mind of Jesus, which You so freely gave; and I claim the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ for every area.

"According to Your Word and in obedience to Your Word, I renounce the sins, iniquities, and the hidden works of darkness all the way back to the first thought, word, deed and gesture, and to as many generations back as need be.

"I renounce the corruption, all fetishes, curses, satanic ritual, and expression of all ritualistic practices that have defiled this ground. (House, person, area, etc. could also be used here.) I remit these sins, even unto the descendants of those generations that are alive to this day. I remit their sins and send Your goodness and labors to finish the work of redemption, and healing and reconciliation.

"I ask You, Father, to cleanse this [ground] and release it from its blood guiltiness. I ask you to return its purity and bring it back out from under the curse, and its groanings. I say to you [earth], in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, be free of this innocent blood and all records of transgressions against you. Come back and be restored into life and fruitfulness, so that you may be a blessing as you were meant to be. I release you and call in the goodness of the Lord, so that He may get glory from His own creation."

Next you ask the Father to restore His creation. Ask Him to bring back His breath of life and to move His hand over that desolate area where the ground is hard-packed and nothing grows anymore. Ask Him to cleanse that ground and let flowers and grass and trees begin to come forth and be nourished. Ask Him to let the squirrels and the rabbits and the birds come back to that area. In other words, ask Him to let life come back to the land once more.

What to you do after you have remitted the sins that were committed in an area? Then it is time to release the goodness of the Lord over the land, and over those who are currently living there. Romans 2:4, "Despiseth thou the riches of His goodness and forbearance and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?"


Often we are called upon to remit a person's sins. The basic pattern (let the Holy Spirit guide you.) is to remit the sins, call the person to salvation if s/he still lives, and speak Scripture over him/her. Then you release the goodness of the Lord.

"Amen, blessing and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever, amen." Revelation 7:12

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