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Oct 12, 2011


The Apostle Paul repeated this little sentence several times in the thirteen books of the Bible that he wrote. Uh! That's hard. Personally, I like to complain from time to time. (Just kidding)

Three reasons for praise? 1) People like us better. Who likes to be around a crabbyface, anyway? 2) God likes praise. 3) Complaining makes us forget about the good things God has done for us.

Here's my short praise list. 
}} In all my life I have never skipped a meal for lack of food. I've fasted through meals, but the money was always there for  the almost 81,000 meals I've eaten so far.

}} My former pastor read R U Bullied? and said it is theologically correct. I appreciate having him take time to read the ebook, and I'm glad I was good with the theological correctness. Whew!

}} One of life's mysteries for me? How can Christians pray and ask God to heal someone and He does! The last couple weeks I prayed for two people and they are receiving gradual healing. Not a miracle healing, but a gradual, "I feel better today" experience.
M was healed of osteoarthritis! Her comment? "My back doesn't hurt as much, and I sleep better." Hallelujay!
S suffers from severe allergies and seizures. "I'm gradually getting better," she said. "Soon it will be 100 percent." God seems to be sweeping out the toxins first.... "One step at a time."

}} I personally received relief after five years of pain, arthritis and stiff muscles in my back and right leg. Starting in April 2007, I endured months of misdiagnosis. Doctors said I had spondylosis of the L5 vertebrae with bulging disk.

In July 2008 another doctor gave me a more fixable diagnosis--"You need a right hip replacement." He left my leg shorter when he replaced the hip. I didn't have money for therapy. We prayed and the bone grew. But the ligaments didn't relax, and my back was still arthritic and  inflexible. Last week the arthritis and inflexibility disappeared! I'm celebrating by painting the garage door and front foundation of my house! God is good!

Did I say the Lord totally replaced my left hip in April 2010?

Tell us in the comments how you are praising the Lord today.

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