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Sep 15, 2011

I LOVE RANTS! Especially when I'm the one who's ranting. lol  I like Jesus' rants too. Here's a recent rant to you from Jesus.

Drawing by Pat--Send Yours!
I can help~~ U R going  2 b ok~~ Step by step with me 2 a safe lifestyle~~ I care~~ Don't B afraid~~ I'm always here~~ Trust me~~ Need help? Just ask~~ I'll protect U~~ Don't give up~~ I luv U~~ I planned Gr8t blessings 4 U~~ I will save U~~ I am God~~ I cry because U hurt~~ Yur pain is real~~ Rest in Me~~ I luv U~~ I'm here 4 U~~ U R forgiven~~ Goodbye past, hello happiness~~ U own my heart~~ U R my clone~~ The battle is already won~~ I forgave u, forgive others~~ Follow Me~~ Seek my face~~ One holy passion--worship Me~~Ask 4 my help~~ Believe what the Bible says about U~~ Father God luvs U as much as He luvs me~~ I promise you peace~~

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