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Nov 2, 2011


I almost took down the blog and planned to retire it along with my writing. But I just couldn't. Where else can I share all the marvelous things God does for me, and give Him glory?

I wish you could have shared Susan's victory with us. We ran an errand about twenty miles from home, when she made a vague comment about seizures. I knew she had them, but I'd never been with her when she had one.

What to do, so far from home? Susan doesn't go to a doctor for seizures. She has no money. Only one thing to do--pray.  I prayed silently as she closed her eyes and seemed to melt into the car seat. First I prayed silently but this lady was disappearing into unconsciousness! I headed east toward her home, reciting scriptures out loud and making declarations. She prayed too, as she was able. One time we dropped into the prayer language. She prayed in her PL and I prayed in mine. Suddenly Susan sat up, smiled and took more part in the petitions I was sending up to God.

Twenty minutes later we pulled up next to her home. She was too weak to walk inside. We sat in the car, praying and reciting scriptures. Slowly she sounded stronger and I knew she would remain conscious.

"I'm having a flashback!" she announced, and wept as she told the traumatizing story from her teenage years. Of seeing the gun  barrel pointed her way, hearing the threats, and wondering if she would live to her next birthday.  The terror of knowing she had no place to run or hide, that her mother had no intention of helping her. Finally the vodka did its work in the perpetrator's head and he passed out. "I knew I would live," she sobbed.

I realized Susan's traumatic experience was holding her back from spiritual growth somehow. I have had to deal with plenty of traumatic experiences in my own life. I've learned from experience that when I face the event and follow certain procedures, I get freed up spiritually. We kept on with the prayer language, and the Holy Spirit guided us through the steps of recognizing the trauma, forgiving the people involved, and claiming God's healing power. The angels dive bombed off the building in front of us, celebrating another victory for the Lord.

"I feel better," Susan announced. She hopped out of the car and tromped to the front door with a huge smile, a clear mind and strength to do whatever she needed to do. God did a permanent healing  as she released the trauma, fear and unforgiveness related to that horrible event in her life. Time will tell, but I'm believing she is healed of seizures for the rest of her life.

I'll post more consistently since I've made up my mind to continue the blog. Saturday we'll talk about traveling mercies and laying hands on my vacuum. Make comments below, or email me at audrey4j@yahoo.com.