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Mar 1, 2012

I was away from home yesterday and did not post, as I promised. I apologize. This is the fourth and last post from the review of Henry Gruver's Prayer Walking. Saturday I will post his prayers as examples for you to follow.

I hope these 3,380 words were helpful for you. Henry and Judith have produced several books and CDs. Email me at Audrey4j@yahoo.com and I will give you instructions for getting in touch with them.

Now here's #4 in the Remitting Sins summary
God is a loving, caring Shepherd, but He also has a plan from eternity past. He expects us to make His will a priority--always: Isaiah 46:9b, “I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me…I say my purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.” NIV

We must stay close to the Father. We must ask Him for guidance and walk with Him as closely as possible. When people or things bump into my consciousness, I ask Him what I should do. His answer is always kind, often with an appropriate Scripture, and I know what to do. God is very loving, very kind, as our Abba Father. We should never be afraid of Him, but He is not permissive. Walking with God requires diligence! We must be sold out completely to God’s will, and seek Him constantly, both through prayer and the Scriptures. God doesn’t allow wimps in His army—He wants soldiers, who are suited up, trained in the Word, and ready to WIN!

We remit, as we do anything for the Lord, at the nudging of the Holy Spirit. One day I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic on 120th Street, and all cars stopped for a light. A young man jumped out of the car next to me and ran back to talk to the teenagers in the car behind him. I felt God nudging me to remit the young man's sins. I remitted the his sins, asked for the will to God to be completed in his life, and spoke the Word of God over him. I am convinced I will meet that young man in heaven someday.

I have also sensed a tremendous breakthrough when I prayed for the land. HG talks about praying for the land. [HG has walked cities and nations all over the world. He remits sins as he goes, and prays for the land.] This is a story he told: “I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have entered into an area, begun to walk it, and heard the cries of innocent blood coming from the land. Countless times I have seen visions of the abominable acts that were committed there—acts which defiled that land…

“I was walking along the Wye River in Great Britain. As I came near the base of a cliff, I heard the cries of young teenage girls…I began making my way through the dense undergrowth, praying in the Spirit…I was hearing cries of desperation, the cries of young girls who were being brutally molested and violated…I couldn’t see what was at the base of the cliff. When I heard the cries, I honestly thought several girls were being molested right there, at that very moment.

“Breaking into a clearing at the base of the cliff, I found that the ground was packed solid, like the ground I had seen in the Devil’s Pulpit [where occult worship had taken place]. Nothing was growing there. There was a big circle of stones and charcoal from many fires.

“…At that point a vision from the Lord came before my eyes. I saw Roman legions encamped in the area and soldiers going through the villages grabbing young girls, killing some and taking others captive. They brought them to the very spot where I stood, and they abused them. Then they murdered them and threw their bodies into the river. I saw lifeless bodies floating down the river.

“The Lord said, ‘This happened back in the third century, and their innocent blood is crying from the ground.’

“’Lord’, I countered, ‘I don’t understand. What am I to do? What is my responsibility concerning this? Why would You show me such a thing if there is nothing I can do about it?’

“His reply was simple and to the point, ‘You remit those sins’.

“My thoughts were the same as some of yours when you first heard this teaching, and I voiced them to the Lord. ‘I don’t have the power to remit sins that happened way back in the third century!’

“The Lord will not get upset or humiliate us when we ask a question about something we do not understand.

“His reply to me was, again, simple and to the point. ‘Open my Word.’ I did just that; and my Bible opened right up to this passage in Romans 3:24-26. I looked down with my eyes, and there it was, ‘To declare His righteousness for the remission of sins that are past.’…(KJV)

“He then further explained to me, ‘You will not redeem this land back unless you take this stronghold, because to this very day, molestations and seductions and orgies are taking place around these fires. And the reason it is allowed to happen is because that innocent blood sealed a deed with the god of this world, giving him the right to take this place as one of his strongholds. Take it back, and I won’t let such things happen here anymore. You will free this ground, and not only the ground, you will free the entire creation around here. This ground will begin to be loosened up again, and life will once more begin to come forth from it. No one will come in here to commit those kinds of acts anymore.’

“I did just as He commanded. I walked over the ground, praying and remitting the sins of those Roman solders, as well as the sins of their descendants. I prayed not only for that generation, but right on down to those who were alive that very day, who were still suffering under the grievous yoke that was the result of every sin and abuse their forefathers had committed on that land.

“What do you do after you have remitted the sins that were committed in an area? Then it is time to release the goodness of the Lord over the land, and over those who are currently living there. Romans 2:4, …’Despisest thou the riches of His goodness and forbearance and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?’

“Next you ask the Father to restore His creation. Ask Him to bring back His breath of life and to move His hand over that desolate area where the ground is hard-packed and nothing grows anymore. Ask Him to cleanse that ground and let flowers and grass and trees begin to come forth and be nourished. Ask Him to let the squirrels and the rabbits and the birds come back to that area. In other words, ask Him to let life come back to the land once more.”

God’s glory must be restored to the land. Who will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to bring this to pass? Those who are willing to remit the sins of the wicked who have shed innocent blood, and who release the goodness of the Lord over the land.

*References: the Interlinear New Testament, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, and Prayer Walking, Step by Step Prayer Walking Instructions, published by Joyful Sound Ministries, P.O. Box 144, Woodbine, Iowa 51579-0144 (designated as HG when quoted).