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Feb 2, 2011


Apologies here. I intended to start posting every Wednesday and Saturday again, but the password wouldn't work. Practiced my patience, I'll tell ya! I prayed and kept punching it in, and voila! It works now.

I was wasting time this morning, thinking about something somebody gossiped about me, that happened 32 years ago. Good grief! Can't people ever forget? And forgive? Especially when Jesus sees me as white as snow, and He rejoices every time my name is mentioned around the Throne?

Then it hit me. Almost knocked me off my chair. Who do ya think pasted this thought on the wall of my heart?

"Am I going to let the enemy tell me who I am?"

Then I remembered a statement from my past--

"Your brother is not the enemy. The enemy is the enemy."

Put on your dancing shoes! Kick up the praise music!

Jesus is excited about us!

He died for us, didn't He? He handed us everything we will ever need to please Him by dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

Put that miserable little loser enemy where he belongs--Out the door! As far away as possible!