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Apr 20, 2011

Audrey Hebbert, Author
Hi, I'm praying for you! Several times a day. I saw what you're enduring when I was a teacher. I really care! Jesus cares! What do you need prayer for? What is your opinion? What would you like to discuss? Bring it on! We're here for you. You'll meet other people from my Motocross Mania manuscript as they write on subjects of their choice for bullied kids.

A Kind Word May Keep Someone Warm for Years.

Bullied people have a problem: They focus on themselves.
When I ask, "How are you?" some people A) stay quiet, no matter what. Maybe you should pry their mouths open? Or B) they hurl every detail of their lives. Messy. You can wave and walk off, or smile and pretemd to listen.

Why does the entire world seem to answer A or B for "that" question? They focus on themselves
Really care about people.
Jim Rubart is a successful businessman. He's an author, musician, golfer. He writes a column in Christian Fiction Online Magazine.* He says you CAN break out of bully prison. How? Build relationships with people.

"Listen. Really listen."
Jim says, if people like you, they'll stand up for you against your enemies. They'll invite you to their parties….

You need to sell yourself.
Your enemies pick on you because they think you're weak and scared. You can change their minds.

Last week I really listened to people. I practiced my smile and friendly things to say. Thursday I went to Walmart for a printer cartridge. I had about one minute to silently pray for the 20-something checker and show her some respect. "What should I say? … Help me God! … Got it."

"I hope you get off work soon," I said.

Her eyes told me she felt tired and discouraged. I guessed she had been raped at least once, and she and her family and friends had little money. Was she supporting a baby on Walmart wages? Did her boyfriend bully her? She smiled and her shoulders relaxed after my comment.

Jim Rubart has a list of six suggestions:
"1) Ask the person a question.
2) Really listen.
3) Ask him or her another question.
4) Really listen
5) Ask another question.
6) Really listen.
7) Repeat steps 1—6."

Try asking three non-personal questions about the person's life before you say anything about yourself. Trust me, they won’t be offended. They'll love you for making them feel valuable.

Start loving your family and friends by listening and they will begin liking and respecting you. It will take a while for them to realize you sincerely care. (It could be dangerous to include your bully group.)Ask P Tim or a friend to help. Ask Jesus to help you, and He will.

Question: What do you need to hear most today? Answer in the comments. Thanx for helping make this blog a success. We need you. Use texting here if you like until we get the phone# up and running.

*Check out Jim Rubart's column in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine, April 2011. http://www.christianfictiononlinemagazine.com/blitz_marketing.html

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