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Jul 18, 2011


The Published Cover

Who knew  I'd need three months to write a 17-page ebook? There's an excuse--This is my first. The next one will be up and running sooner--I think.

It's CHEAP! $3.99. Pass the word--R U Bullied? is ON SALE! The rest of the planet decided to publish the same day my book was scheduled to debut, and the pub date was pushed back. RUB? is not in the online catalogs yet! It officially pubbed August 10, 2011, but it takes time to have it appear on online lists. THE INTRODUCTORY PRICE--$3.99--IS EFFECTIVE UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2011, maybe longer.  Check back.  

Here's the new cover, waiting for you to finish it. Everybody has their own idea of what Jesus looks like. You do too! Think about it. Do you "see" Him in your mind? Interpret your ideas with art materials,  and add your artwork right there in the center of the cover. Check out places inside the book for your interpretations of P Tim and Josh.

Print all 17 pages and write, doodle, draw pictures. It's yours--did I say it's ON SALE?

I'd like to see your drawing of Jesus. Just keep it respectful. Wouldn't you like to see another kid's drawing?  FROM AROUND THE WORLD?

The publisher (Smashwords), posts books on lists and in catalogs that people read all over the world!  WE'LL HAVE A CONTEST! Where shall I buy the winners'  gift cards?

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