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Mar 5, 2012

Good morning! 'Tis a lovely day in Nebraska. We have bright sunshine, shirtsleeve weather, and a friend's cucumbers are setting on! In her greenhouse, of course. Irene loves to garden at age 83.

I'm quoting from a new author this week. I will not tell you her name and title of the book at first--We'll see if you recognize her writing. But I will tell you at the end of the quotes from her book.

I keep asking the Lord to teach me what He wants me to know (Psalm 25:24), and He faithfully loads me with new facts and ideas every day.

Last night my Bible lay open on the table. I picked it up and the words of Psalm 142 seemed to highlight themselves in front of me.

I'm planning to memorize this Psalm. Care to join me? Choose the most meaningful translation to memorize. I chose The Good News Bible, because I love the words. Choose your favorite translation.

Psalm 142 (Good News Version)

1) I call to the Lord for help; I plead with him. 2) I bring him all my complaints; I tell him all my troubles. 3) When I am ready to give up, he knows what I should do. In the path where I walk, my enemies have hidden a trap for me. 4) When I look beside me, I see that there is no one to help me, no one cares for me.

5) Lord, I cry to you for help; you, Lord, are my protector; you are all I want in this life. 6) Listen to my cry for help, for I am sunk in despair. Save me from my enemies; they are too strong for me. 7) Set me free from my distress; then in the assembly of your people I will praise you because of your goodness to me.

Why would we need to have this Psalm in our knower? Our mystery author instructs us to prepare for criticism. Aha! Have you ever been criticized? I've even been criticized unjustly! How about you? And nobody listens to my side of the story! Frustrating? Yes! Verses 5-7 give the secret tools God provided for victory. I know they work every time, because I've tried them.

Let us know in the comments how you're making progress in memorizing Psalm 142. I'm going to post it somewhere where I'll read it a "million times a day."