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Oct 3, 2011

look around!

I know how you feel when you're bullied! You, the bullee(new word, meaning the one who is bullied) cannot think about anything else. You dream about it. You talk about it to anyone who will listen. You may withdraw into your own little world until the Lord changes everything and the abuse stops.

I have a challenge for you—Think about something else when the going gets tough. Ask Jesus to help you. Read scriptures and praise the Lord. Hard as it is, you'll be able to change your concentration if you really try. I have to ask Jesus several times to help me because my mind keeps slipping back to the bully situation. But I usually hang in there until God answers my prayer.

Changing your concentration helps.
1) The Lord is pleased. Where is that Bible verse that says, "Always rejoice"? Philippians?
2) You will be more popular. Your friends will enjoy having you talk about something else besides your unhappiness.
3) Lots of good things will happen that you would have missed with that other attitude.

This is just my idea—We read in R U Bullied that God is unhappy when we are suffering. He does the same thing we do when we see someone in a tough situation—We like to slip in little presents or take the person out for a fun experience. When I'm being bullied, I look around, because our Father probably has a present for me. Sometimes He lets me find money I didn't know I had. Last week I discovered
A -- Someone had left my car door open, and no one saw it for three days. The car started as usual!
B -- On October 1st I added up my bank deposits and what I'd spent. Would you believe, I spent $40 more than I deposited in September! How does the Lord do that? This is one of His favorites with me.
C My washing machine is 31 years old, so I shouldn't have complained when the belts started squawking LOUD! By the time I made it downstairs to check, Ken (short for the brand name, Kenmore) had walked and squawked to the end of his cord! He sat in the middle of the floor, apparently dead.

But I needed Ken! I laid hands on him and said, "In the name of Jesus, work!" The machine took off, finished the cycle, and he's been working since! Squawking and squealing, but working. I smile every time I start him.

Change your concentration from problems to blessings and see what Jesus has for you! He is so wonderful! Let's praise and worship!

Tell us in the comments what presents Jesus has given you lately.

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