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Mar 10, 2012

Here's the link I call my lifesaver. The dynamic music, weekend services and conferences stream into my home every day from International House of Prayer (IHOP.org)

God gave Mike Bickel the assignment of putting International House of Prayer on the map, literally. Their webstream beams across the world, bringing hope and inspiration 24/7 to millions of listeners. Other houses of prayer hook into  the voices and instruments of students at IHOP University. Read more on the website.

 Links go quickly out of  date because IHOP.org is scrambled with IHOP.com (the pancake house). The technicians are constantly building and re-building the website. Take the safe route and google Mike Bickle 24/7 prayer. Click on IHOP.org and enjoy!

Weekend services are every Friday and Saturday at 6:00 pm. Sunday services are at 8:30  and 10:45 a.m.


"Jesus does not disqualify us because of our weakness," Wes Hall

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