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Jan 18, 2011


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Saturday Josh (I'm talking about my grandson, not the main character in Motocross Mania.) finally forced me onto Facebook. You wouldn't do that to your grandmother, I know! He wanted me to watch the cool video of him snowboarding, and all the nifty** things he does. So I'm on Facebook! Check
IT OUT! Go easy on me--I'm new to this.

**I love nifty! Don't you? Josh hates hates hates it--He hates it. Let's start a new word from the 50s. Start using nifty and get everybody using it. Influence your friends for good! ☺☺☺

"When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane," Mary Maxwell, Nebraska's funniest woman

"God never consults our past when planning our future," Cec Murphey's newsletter

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