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Oct 19, 2011


Most of my readers know I'm leaving the writing world at the end of 2011. Two months ago I realized the interest in writing had merged with the quilting studio phase of a few years back, along with several other businesses I developed and abandoned.
Starting in 1999, I followed my personality type and jumped on the writing, putting all my effort into learning how to produce the products of my passion. I worked hard. At the present time I'm not interested in reading or talking about the subject of writing. I will probably finish a couple of projects. I'm already off on a different interest.

I will probably repeat this pattern until the Lord takes me to heaven with Him.
The past two weeks I've been thinking about why the Lord led me into writing and the results. Some insights will not become clear for years. I'll pack away the boxes of notes and information I've collected. Maybe I'll blog or write short stories or devotionals. My doctor will be pleased because I've discontinued the habit of sitting on the computer chair for hours without moving. My health has already improved.
Speaking of health, the issues multiplied when I committed to producing my first novel. Diabetes, a heart attack and hip issues complicated my life almost immediately. I was disabled for five years until the Lord healed me about ten days ago.
One good side effect was that I learned to do strong warfare in order to survive. Literally. As in live. And I started asking the Lord to teach me what He wanted me to know (Psalm 25:4). Now I'm comfortable in the victory that comes with walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.
As soon as I announced my intention to leave the writing world, the pressure came off. My spiritual battles are only half what they were during the writing years. I feel like the proverbial cat, with nine lives. One thing I know for sure, I will always land on my feet, as a cat does, and stay busy with the next phase our Lord has planned.

Sure, I'm almost 75, but I still live with the passion to know the God of the Universe as deeply and intimately as possible. If I learn more with this challenging lifestyle, then so be it.

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