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Nov 14, 2011

Nebraska Assistant Coach Ron Brown's face, and his name, are closely connected with his faith. Last Friday he met with a friend, one of Penn State's assistant coaches. They discussed the high emotions and rioting associated with the firing of beloved coach Paterno, who neglected to deal with a sexual predator within his department.

Some people thought the game between Nebraska (Go Huskers!) and Penn State should be cancelled. But the decision was made to play. Brown and the powers-that-be agreed a prayer should be said Saturday before the game.  The link below shows what happened. Put yourself in this picture, as 100,000 fans and two teams quiet. Many people bow their heads, helmets and hats come off, and Coach Brown's voice rings out with petitions to the Almighty God.

Ron Brown is a role model any young person can follow without fear of having him "drop the ball." Do a search and you will find many YouTube videos and articles with his name and face, along with his consistent example of God's love and grace. God bless Ron Brown.

Tongue in cheek comment: God did answer--Nebraska won!



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